Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

The not-so-secret life of Goat Girl by Natanya Ann Pulley in Monkeybicycle

Green freak by Angie McCullagh in The Sun magazine

Topography of a tongue by Jennifer Lang in Headway Lit

Going grey by Jenny Moore in Headway Lit

Freezer Broken Ice Creams + Lollys 1/2 Price!! by Sarah Peploe in Headway Lit

All about all the things that can hurt by Stephanie Reents in Smokelong Quarterly

Everything is terrible but you should read this story by Amber Sparks in Smokelong Quarterly

熊貓飼養員 / Panda Breeder by Tang Fe, trans. by Tony Huang in Smokelong Quarterly

Understanding the Bloom Cycle of Roses by Tania Hershman in Smokelong Quarterly

Exposure by Leslie Walker Trahan in Smokelong Quarterly

Mortality Event by Hadiyyah Kuma in Smokelong Quarterly

Earthquake girls by Jayne S. Wilson in Smokelong Quarterly

Flush by Maggie Sarsfield in Smokelong Quarterly

If it weren’t for the lights by Tommy Dean in Claw and Blossom

My husband will eat himself by Mileva Anastaiadou in Tiny Molecules

At the Cafe de Flore by Elodie Barnes in Tiny Molecules

Books can be a burden, when she can no longer read by Emily Harrison in Tiny Molecules

Mama says by Rachel Tanner in Tiny Molecules

The quiet of giraffes by Cathy Ulrich in Tiny Molecules



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