Lit mags

If you’re as bad as me at missing deadlines, it’s helpful to know which journals are always open to submissions. Here is a thread of the ones I know that are also free to submit to:

take poetry, visual poetry, art and 3 pieces of flash fiction (up to 1000 words) and take sim subs

take 1 flash fiction (up to 1000 words) , 1 creative fiction (up to 1500 words), poetry and microreviews and No SIM SUBS
takes poetry, flash fiction and short stories up to 4000 words.
Please prevent a terrifying furniture based rampage and submit
take up 3 poems, 1-4 pieces of flash fiction, visual art/photography
take visual art, 3-5 poems and 1-2 stories up to 1500 words and take sim subs. Also have special call outs
take flash fiction up to 1000 words, short fiction up to 6000 words, craft essays, book reviews and interviews
also paid subs short fiction. non-fiction, essays
take 1 flash fiction or flash non-fiction or prose poem (up to 750 words)
3 poems, or 1 flash fiction/non-fiction 300-1000 words
take fiction and non-fiction up to 2000 words (and prefer 500-1500 words) and 1-3 poems
take up to 5 pieces of flash fiction (up to 1000 words), poetry, non-fiction and audio and visual art
takes stories under 1,000 words
Forge Lit (pays)
take micro prose, flash fiction and short fiction and non-fiction up to 5000 (and prefer up to 3000 words)
take up to 2 micros (up to 400 words) and up to 2 flash fictions (401-1000), and reprints (which they don’t pay for)
take poems, art, and 500-3000 words of fiction or CNF
takes flash up to 1000 words and take sim subs
take poetry, art, reviews, literary essays, and up to 15 pages of previously unpublished fiction or creative non-fiction
take fiction/non-fiction up to 3 pieces totaling 300 words, and up to 2 poems
takes up to 5  poems and up to three pieces of flash fiction of up to 100 words each

take 1 flash or 1 CNF up to 1000 words

JMWW                                                                                                                                                     take poetry, flash fiction (up to 1500 words), and fiction/non-fiction and essays (up to 3000 words)

Milk Candy Review                                                                                                                          take one flash fiction up to 750 words

Minola Review                                                                                                                                  take poetry, interviews, fiction up to 5000 words and creative non-fiction from women and non-binary writers

take flash fiction, prose poems and hybrid forms up to 750 words

take stories up to 2000 words and one sentence stories

take poetry and 1 flash fiction up to 1500 words

take stories between 1-3000 words (from anywhere in the world)

Pithead Chapel

take art,  1 literary fiction (flash fiction or short story) up to 4000 words, non-fiction (memoir, experiential essays, personal essays) up to 4000 words and 1-3 prose poems

take up to 5 poems and 2 pieces of flash fiction or nonfiction (under 1,000 words)

take 1 flash fiction up to 1000 words
take words wand images (text up to 500 words), up to 10 inventive flash (50-150 words), 1 fiction or creative non-fiction (up to 750 words), erasure texts and translations
takes 1-5 poems and 1-3 pieces of fiction/non-fiction up to 2000 words each
take  up to 5 original and previously published short prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction and hybrid text
take short fiction (flash fiction, short stories, excerpts), non-fiction (personal essays, memoirs, reviews, criticism) and poetry
take up to 5 poems, fiction and non-fiction up to 2500 words
take up to 3 poems, 1 piece of prose (fiction/narrative non-fiction/essay) up to 2500 words
take 1 piece of prose (fiction/non-fiction) up to 1500 words, comics and illustrations