Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Seven life lessons for the Arab-American‘ by Yousef Allouzi in Pidgeonholes

The forgotten front by Nuala O’Connor in Spontaneity

Nineteen ways to say I love you by Niall McArdle in Spontaneity

The fisherman by Marina Strina in Spontaneity

Only the fruit bearing trees by Kate Gehan in X-R-A-Y Lit

The red table by Kelly Hevel in Hobart Pulp

Expecting him by Natalie Gerich Brabson in Cleaver Magazine

Tiny things by Taleen A. Shaleh in Cleaver Magazine

How to (try to) be cute by Julie Benesh in Cleaver Magazine

Two flash pieces by Joshua Shaw in Cleaver Magazine

The passengers by Vivien Cao in Cleaver Magazine

The loosening grip by Becky Robison In Longleaf Review

The futures we live with by JJ Pena in Third Point Press

How my parents, who gave me up for adoption, might have met by Epiphany Ferrell in Third Point Press

An introduction to asexual rock climbing by Robert Ball in Third Point Press


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