Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Winters by Marilyn Hope in Craft Literary

Of a whole body (passing through) by Tyler Barton in Necessary Fiction

August 1996 by Emily Costa in MoonPark Review

Truck makes man by John Meyers in MoonPark Review

There are things you can do when you know it’s too late by Mary Thompson in MoonPark Review

Synonyms for extraction by Sabrina Hicks in MoonPark Review

Avarana by Sabeena Akhtar in Visual Verse

Gall by F.E. Clark in Ellipsis zine

The Cougar Hill sex by Kate Garklavs in Matchbook lit

The charcoal maker  by Heather Bourbeau in the Citron Review

He died we left him til morning by Christopher Gaumer in the Citron Review

Swirling debris by Tisha-Marie Reichle-Aguilera in the Citron Review

The water is wide by Matthew Brennan in the Citron Review

I thought you were an anchor in the drift of the world by Sara Estes in the Citron Review

Deep waters by Victoria Miller in the Citron Review

Enfold by Tara Isabel Zambrano in the Citron Review




Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

The not-so-secret life of Goat Girl by Natanya Ann Pulley in Monkeybicycle

Green freak by Angie McCullagh in The Sun magazine

Topography of a tongue by Jennifer Lang in Headway Lit

Going grey by Jenny Moore in Headway Lit

Freezer Broken Ice Creams + Lollys 1/2 Price!! by Sarah Peploe in Headway Lit

All about all the things that can hurt by Stephanie Reents in Smokelong Quarterly

Everything is terrible but you should read this story by Amber Sparks in Smokelong Quarterly

熊貓飼養員 / Panda Breeder by Tang Fe, trans. by Tony Huang in Smokelong Quarterly

Understanding the Bloom Cycle of Roses by Tania Hershman in Smokelong Quarterly

Exposure by Leslie Walker Trahan in Smokelong Quarterly

Mortality Event by Hadiyyah Kuma in Smokelong Quarterly

Earthquake girls by Jayne S. Wilson in Smokelong Quarterly

Flush by Maggie Sarsfield in Smokelong Quarterly

If it weren’t for the lights by Tommy Dean in Claw and Blossom

My husband will eat himself by Mileva Anastaiadou in Tiny Molecules

At the Cafe de Flore by Elodie Barnes in Tiny Molecules

Books can be a burden, when she can no longer read by Emily Harrison in Tiny Molecules

Mama says by Rachel Tanner in Tiny Molecules

The quiet of giraffes by Cathy Ulrich in Tiny Molecules



Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Seven life lessons for the Arab-American‘ by Yousef Allouzi in Pidgeonholes

The forgotten front by Nuala O’Connor in Spontaneity

Nineteen ways to say I love you by Niall McArdle in Spontaneity

The fisherman by Marina Strina in Spontaneity

Only the fruit bearing trees by Kate Gehan in X-R-A-Y Lit

The red table by Kelly Hevel in Hobart Pulp

Expecting him by Natalie Gerich Brabson in Cleaver Magazine

Tiny things by Taleen A. Shaleh in Cleaver Magazine

How to (try to) be cute by Julie Benesh in Cleaver Magazine

Two flash pieces by Joshua Shaw in Cleaver Magazine

The passengers by Vivien Cao in Cleaver Magazine

The loosening grip by Becky Robison In Longleaf Review

The futures we live with by JJ Pena in Third Point Press

How my parents, who gave me up for adoption, might have met by Epiphany Ferrell in Third Point Press

An introduction to asexual rock climbing by Robert Ball in Third Point Press


Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Miss Princott’s time travel agency‘ by Barbara Russell in Twist in Time

Baggage‘ by Leslie Burton-Lopez in Twist in Time

There is No Grass in Rangihoua Bay by Heather McQuillan in Flash Frontier

None of them say you by Kathy Hoyle in Lunate fiction

The green bridge by Cathy Mellett in Atlas and Alice

How to eat a plum by Alice Franklin in Reflex

Snow day by Gaurav Madan in Jaggery Lit

Invisible Women Suck Cherries by Anita MacCallum in Ellipsis

Shoot me now by Marissa Glover in After the pause

Data correction by Vicky Sharples in After the pause

Easters by Kika Dorsey in After the pause

My girlfriend is now a ghost and she lives in the Charlottesville Kroger‘ by Grace Alvino in After the pause




Short story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Hare’s breath by Tracy Fells in Reflex

Authentic by Sarah Freligh in Forge Lit

Active and passive voice Active and passive voice by Dan Brotzel in Pithead Chapel

Dreaming about the Bouviers by Cathy Cruise in Pithead Chapel

Entrails by Lukasz Drobnik in Pithead Chapel

Looking glass by Maggie Su in Juked

Meaning found, meaning given by Santino Prinzi in 100 word story

When it Gets Cold in The South, Your Mama Calls to Mama You by Exodus Oktavia Brownlow in Parentheses Journal

How to disappear completely by Mileva Anastasiadou in Writers Resist

Domino sugars by Hannah Grieco in Pidgeonholes

What will eat you by Brittany Terwilliger in Five:2:One

In the mood by Hillary Tiefer in Five on the fifth

Going through the motions by Marie Hoy Kenny in Five on the fifth


Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week (this week’s list is accidentally epic):

What gets left behind by Anika Carpenter in Reflex

Be conscious of form‘ by Myliyah Hanna in Cheap Pop

Waking up late by Jacqueline Doyle in Ellipsis Zine

What were you even looking at, Robert? by Steve Edwards in Wigleaf

The right light by Janelle Bassett in OkayDonkey

Hunger by Cheryl Pappas in Atlas and Alice

Buddy by Mary Grimm in Ghost Parachute

Ukulele rules by Richard Bower in Ghost Parachute

That motherfucking light’ by Maria Alejandra Barrios in Lost Balloon

Tides‘ by Alexandra Loeb in Cleaning up glitter

Cold feet by Elena Ender in Cleaning up glitter

Anne who isn’t Doreen‘ by Holly Pelesky in JMWW







Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

The sea is wild by Chin Li in Litro

The gun-seller by D.S Levy in Writer’s Resist

American ouroboros by Myna Chang in Writer’s Resist

When Little Sis Drowned, Mama Turned Into A Fish And Papa Turned To A Coal Train’ by David Henson in Hypnopomp

How could you know by Joaquin Fernandez in Cheap Pop

If light is measured in magnitude, how do we measure dark by Johanna Robinson in Reflex

Wholesale ghost hearts‘ by Nathan Willis in Atlas and Alice

Swinging up a storm‘ by Gaye Sutton in Takahe

Atria by Toni Wi in Takahe

On vintage loneliness by Kathryn Hummel in Takahe