Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Between the belly button and the womb by Elaine Chiew in Fictive Dream

Rocks along the bottom by Meg Tuite in Ghost Parachute

Butter chicken by Dot in Bandit Fiction

Last night I saved a moth from drowning by Elaine Mead in Star82review

Faceless lover by Natsumi Tanaka in Star82review

Still dogwood by Carmen Gordon-Rein in star82review

Supergiant by Kendra Fortmeyer in Paper Darts

Where did all the older women by Meg Pillow in Waxwing

Waiting by Shannon Mcleod in Waxwing

A thing I could not recognise by Ry Molloy in Waxwing

Mary Grace never happened by Sharon Mitchell in Lucent dreaming

Two hairdressers by Alexis Wolfe in Lucent dreaming

Sunday morning by Sarah Evans in Lucent dreaming



Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Last words by Emma Venables in The Copperfield Review

The village in the stars by Helen McClory in Spelk

The jellybeans we bought near Black Rock by Amelia Morand in Pidgeonholes

Iguana by Kimm Brockett Stammen in Atticus Review

The learning game by Shome Dasgupta in Jellyfish Review

Porcelain by Erin Lyndal Martin in Barren Magazine

How to grow basil by Caroliena Cabada in Barren Magazine

I’m ok, I swear I just want to eat by Beth Gilstrap in Barren Magazine

A lost day by Demisty D. Bellinger in Barren Magazine

There was always Beth by Emily James in Cheap Pop

Target by Brianne Allen in Forge

Joan of Arc by Ben Loory in Adroit Journal

Boy by Mariya Poe in Adroit Journal

American beings by Noor Hindi in Adroit Journal

A writer’s guide to fairy tales by Ellen Rhudy in Milk Candy Review



Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Day One of an adoption preparation course by Danny Beusch in Spelk

Beige by Lorna Easterbrook in Reflex

Time will say nothing but I told you so by Alison Woodhouse in Adhoc

Exit a goddess by Neeru Nagarajan in Forge lit

Let’s never leave by Jan Stinchomb in Hobart pulp

Counting spiders by Amy Slack in Honey and Lime lit

Patience. Courage. Strength. by Christina Rosso in Honey and Lime lit

Phantasia by Barbara Diggs in Honey and Lime lit

Spaced on average an inch apart by Julia Dixon Evans in Pidgeonholes

But the Gods have eternity by Ciaran O Griofa in Cabinet of Heed

A passing caprice by Rekha Valliappan in Cabinet of Heed

Grounded by Lisa Kenway in Cabinet of Heed

How to find the perfect rock by Jennifer L. Hollis in Jellyfish Review

As she left the earth by Joaquin Fernandez in Bending Genres

Building an avatar during the apocalypse by Lucy Zhang in Bending Genres

Driving to endanger by Kathryn Kulpa in Bending Genres

Please, more by Melissa Maney in Bending Genres


Short Story Sunday

These are the stores that have stayed with me this week:

Rituals by Nikoletta Gjoni in Five:2:One

The things we do for a little self-preservation by Kathryn McMahon in MonkeyBicycle

Grandpa’s last ride by Jayne Martin in Ellipsis Zine

On fire by Kara Oakleaf in Matchbook lit

For seasons by Traci Cox in Newfound

The call of owls by John Holland in Reflex

The devil by Jennifer Wortman in Talking about strawberries

Escape into the waking world by Mary Grimm in The journal of compressed creative arts

Half-white, Half-charred by Tara Isabel Zambrano in Ghost Parachute

A world without cats by T.J. Robinson in Ghost Parachute

The ancient art of brush painting by Lillian Howan in Jellyfish Review

Cold storage facility by Jay Ruben Dayrit in Jellyfish Review

A prayer answered by Marianne Villanueva in Jellyfish Review

Double life by Grace Loh Prasad in Jellyfish Review

Signs of life by Grace Talusan in Jellyfish Review

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Bite‘ by Charmaine Wilkerson in Litro

The fire eater explains why no one has ever seen him naked’ by

Jesse Bradley in Lunate fiction

Ghosts in the cupboards by Dan A. Cardoza in Mojave Heart

Moisés and El Malverde by Jibril Stevenson in Mojave Heart

Say you will by Phebe Jewell in Spelk

What the detectives found in her abandoned car by Chelsea Stickle in Pithead Chapel

Fire drill by Stephanie Austin in Pithead Chapel

Someone cleans the bathrooms by Corey Farrenkopf in Hobart pulp

Wolves by Jules Archer in Spartan Lit

A different idea by Jesse Widner in Spartan Lit

This story probably won’t mean what you think it will by L. Mari Harris in Lost Balloon

Strangers feel welcome in my house by Andrea Jefferson in Dying Dahlia Review

Chasing dark by Ranjabali Chaudhuri in Timeworn Lit

Love, by Alexander Graham Bell by Rebecca Bennett in Timeworn Lit

Where the palm nut grows by Hannah Onuguwe in Timeworn Lit

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

The puncture by Lauren Collett in Reflex

Trees like a way out by  Jennifer Fliss in OkayDonkey

Roja by Yashasvi Arunkumar in 805 lit

The woman in the sky by Virginia Petrucci in 805 lit

De-parted by Lubna Umar in Bangalore Review

Wingman by Tanya Whiton in Cutbank online

Cut on the bias by Maureen Langloss in Pank

If the rainbow exploded by Shannon Waite in Pank

The shape-shifting hawthorn tree by Chris Wright in Wellington Street Review

The little train of the Somme by Brenda Donoghue in Wellington Street Review

What if all the oceans by Christopher Allen in Gone Lawn

Some things I saw while picking up my wife from therapy by Steven Genise in Gone Lawn

The Ouija board by Diana Valenzuela in Gone Lawn

Seven stories of my life by Jieyan Wang in Gone lawn





Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Winters by Marilyn Hope in Craft Literary

Of a whole body (passing through) by Tyler Barton in Necessary Fiction

August 1996 by Emily Costa in MoonPark Review

Truck makes man by John Meyers in MoonPark Review

There are things you can do when you know it’s too late by Mary Thompson in MoonPark Review

Synonyms for extraction by Sabrina Hicks in MoonPark Review

Avarana by Sabeena Akhtar in Visual Verse

Gall by F.E. Clark in Ellipsis zine

The Cougar Hill sex by Kate Garklavs in Matchbook lit

The charcoal maker  by Heather Bourbeau in the Citron Review

He died we left him til morning by Christopher Gaumer in the Citron Review

Swirling debris by Tisha-Marie Reichle-Aguilera in the Citron Review

The water is wide by Matthew Brennan in the Citron Review

I thought you were an anchor in the drift of the world by Sara Estes in the Citron Review

Deep waters by Victoria Miller in the Citron Review

Enfold by Tara Isabel Zambrano in the Citron Review