Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

For the bookshelf: Bestsellers in the age of Trump by Tara Campbell in Writers Resist

How to make your own sunshine by Deborah Torr in Reflex

A basic skincare routine for the end of the world by Ellen Rhudy in MonkeyBicycle

A person’s essence feels the smallest by Jennifer Wortman in Wigleaf

I have entered my garden, my sweetheart, my bride by Jen Julian in Wigleaf

We don’t live there any more by Maya Chesley in Wigleaf

How I learned about evolution by Michelle Ross in OkayDonkey

As it is in heaven by Meagan Johanson in Reflex

The things we do for love by Avra Margariti  in Longleaf Review

Did the water by Erin Calabria in Longleaf Review

A word commonly used in awkward social situations by Jules Archer in Tiny Molecules

For every thing, a season by Dan Brotzel in Tiny Molecules

The switch by Dan A. Cardoza in Tiny Molecules

Egg and pepper by Diane D. Gillette in Tiny Molecules

Pumpkin seed by S. Craig Renfroe Jr in Tiny Molecules

That man is a force of nature by EC Sorenson in Tiny Molecules

What we bury by Maddie Anthes in Barren mag

Sometimes a guardrail is missing by Melissa Bowers in Barren mag

Toast by Rick White in Barren mag

Scarab by Mary-Jane Holmes in Barren mag

Not yet by Kate Maruyama in Barren mag

Ballad by Steve Passey in Barren mag

The nature of her love by Alice Lam in Barren mag

Babies, because by Sarah Freligh in Spelk

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Autonym by Sydney S. Kim in Wigleaf

Prescription by Julie LoFaso in Wigleaf

Weathering by Virginia Eggerton in Wigleaf

Dew Point by Kelly Magee in Wigleaf

What our hearts say by JJ Pena in Wigleaf

Please don’t touch the art by Arvin Ramgoolam in Jellyfish Review

The rooms by Anthony Varallo in Atticus Review

At the top of the house by Katie Oliver in Reflex

Attachment theory by Kathryn Kulpa in Trampset

A first kiss by K.C. Mead-Brewer in Trampset

Swirling mud thicker than smoke by Tommy Dean in Trampset

A desert graveyard by Minyoung Lee in Trampset

Flight of the garage men by Carly Berg in Forge lit

A modern fable by David Laks in Writers Resist

New price by Scott Garson in Ghost Parachute

10 facts about a winter’s day, 2021 by Hallie Nowak in OkayDonkey

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

To face ourselves by Claudia Wair in Writers Resist

Crab bucket by Andrew Boulton in Lunate fiction

Amicable by Sarah Starr Murphy in Atticus Review

Transient beauty by Heather McQuillan in Reflex

Flower girls by Leah Chase in Parentheses Journal

The pork man by Sobia Ali in Trampset

Nothing grows at the Sunflower Motel by L. Mari Harris in Trampset

A gay bar disappears in the rain by Justin Karcher in Trampset

First I took the lobster’s heartby Isabelle Correa in Trampset

Petty and/or crime by K Chiucarello in Trampset

Stain by Camille Clarke in Reflex

Gardens by Melissa Goodrich in Pidgeonholes

Once a fisherman by Carol jean Gavin in Pithead Chapel

Let’s say your arm is longby Di Jayawickrema in Pithead Chapel


Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Good girls by Lindsay Ferguson in Barrelhouse

How to make love to a physicist by Deesha Philyaw in Barrelhouse

Dandelion skin by Jenny Wong in Lost Balloon

Ruined things are only gorgeous when they are not yours by Anna Walsh at Burning House Press

The whirlpool by Tucker Leighty-Phillips in Sundog Lit

The lazy gravedigger by Joseph Aguirre in Sundog Lit

Loved things by Lee Matalone in Sundog Lit

Every porch a threshold by Kristine Langley Mahlerand Jennifer Wortman in Sundog Lit

Evangeline and me by Linda McMullen in Lunate fiction

First kiss at the end of the world by Cheslea Voulgares in X-R-A-Y lit

Edna’s boy by Julie Cadman-Kim in Jellyfish Review

The argument by Hannah Allies in Reflex



Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this month:

Thank you for asking by Vineetha Mokkil in Spelk

Make me a robot by Minyoung Lee in MonkeyBicycle

Concerning the power cordby Lyndsie Manusos in OkayDonkey

Swallowing ashes by Giulia Medaglini in Reflex

Nameless girls by Candace Hartsuyker in Ghost Parachute

Nice by Olivia Gunning in Ghost Parachute

The mime offers his services by Erin Cork in Bending Genres

to peace by Tyler Barton in Bending Genres

The Vista Inn by Kirby Wright in Bending Genres

Terrine by Wendy BooydeGraaff in Bending Genres

Birch and Dead Rabbits by Kelsey Ipsen in Bending Genres

Dead animal pick upby Sabrina Hicks in Bending Genres

White van, rolling by William Hardwick in Bending Genres



Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Just like that  Darren Nuzzo in Wigleaf

Etched in vinyl by Kathy Hoyle in Reflex

Tumblers by Sara Lippmann in OkayDonkey

Alice forgets everything but the watermelons by Olivia Kingery in Reflex

Someone I admire by Erin Lyndal Martin in Monkeybicylcle

The girl made of paper by Carla Halpin in the Cabinet of Heed

Descent by Gail Anderson in the Cabinet of Heed

What stays with her by Gay Degani in the Cabinet of Heed

How they devour her by Michael Loveday in the Cabinet of Heed

Whale Fall by Amie Souza Reilly in the Cabinet of Heed

Fish Heart by Luke Rolfes in Brilliant Flash Fiction

Marigold by Meg Pokrass in Brilliant Flash Fiction

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Searching for a stomach by Maria Zach in Milk Candy Review

Fern by Abigail Stewart in X-R-A-Y lit

Two Earthlings by Neil Clark in Ellipsis zine

Peck, pearl, perfection by Rachael Dunlop in Lunate

Dinner with Craig by Kate Folk in the Adroit Journal

Something that’s nothing by Wendy Oleson in the Adroit Journal

Balthazar by John Elizabeth Stintzi in the Adroit Journal

Horsemouth and Aquariumhead by Elizabeth Truner in Lost Balloon

Third ghost by Claudia Zuluaga in Jellyfish Review