Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

The upside-down bird by Ismim Putera in Fudoki magazine

The curse on Nyopedi by Edith Knight Magak in Fudoki magazine

Lightning’s kiss by Maura Yzmore in Fudoki magazine

Bitter hot chocolate by Sudha Balagopal in MonkeyBicycle

Adapted from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s Definitions of ‘Rock’” by Audrey Bauman in Craft literary

Sylpha by Juliana Lamy in Pidgeonholes

Six ways to start to start something, and five to end it by Rachel O’Cleary in Ellipsis zine

Speed Dating by Anna Lindwasser in mac (ro)mic

Recovery options by Natalie Leif in Reflex

At the movies by Bill Merklee in Cheap Pop

Big eyes by Janelle Bassett in Atticus Review

Your life as a bottle by Sarah Freligh in Pithead Chapel

Swindled by Joy Guo in Pithead Chapel

Dinner by Xueyi Zhou in Pithead Chapel

In the long grass by H.C Gildfind in Longleaf Review

Sugarloaf by Artemis Lin in Longleaf Review

The Florida museum of natural history by Aleksia Mira Silverman in Longleaf Review

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Fusarium oxysporum by Noa Cova in Lost Balloon

Growth by Sarah Starr Murphy in Spartan lit

Because Mom went to night school, once by Rachel O’Cleary in Reflex

Ma by Vincent Anioke in Pithead Chapel

Meet me at midnight by Shawn Nocher in Pithead Chapel

A girl attends a pep rally by Ruth Joffre in Forge lit

Inheritance by K-Ming Chang in Cheap Pop

Oskasha by Damon McKinney in SVJ lit

Alma Mater by Amy Barnes in Indigo Literary Journal

Anatomy of places I called home by Emma Chan in Indigo Literary Journal

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Rotting mangoes by Hema Nataraju in Wigleaf

The idea of me, at sea by Pat Foran in Cotton Xenomorph

Orange, yellow and black or Everything is Archie by Patricia Q. Bidar in Pidgeonholes

I wear other people by Rosaleen Lynch in Ellipsis

Questions I’ve asked my boyfriend while writing by Kara Vernor in Havehashad

Rabbit heart by Georgia Cook in Reflex

What is possible in this, our year 2021 by Kendra Fortmeyer in OkayDonkey

Her garden, her earth by Shome Dasgupta in Middle House Review

A quick dip by Neeru Nagarajan in Middle House Review

Dancing shoes by Beth Moulton in SVL lit

An apology, of sorts, to my brother at his funeral by Diane D Gillette at Reflex

Stolen by E.E. Rhodes in Misfit Micros March from Versification

It took til you were gone to see by Vic Nogay in Misfit Micros March from Versification

Fish in a bowl by Laura Pike in Misfit Micros March from Versification

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Secrets of the Kath by Fatima Taqvi in Strange Horizons

That was then by Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar in Fudoki magazine

If by Cheryl Pappas in Lost Balloon

The exceptional properties of sea glass by Katy Madgwick in Ellipsis zine

Lump by Lindy Biller in Trampset

Beginnings by Mary Lynn Reed in (mac)ro (mic)

Motherhood is a series of mistakes by Sarah Klenbort in Reflex

Light as a feather, stiff as a board by Sarah Fawn Montgomery in MonkeyBicycle

When you’ll know by Sarah McPherson in Ellipsis zine

Leonardo da Vinci by Ibrahim Salihu in Reflex

Broken ride by Meg Pokrass in Tiny Molecules

One summer, by Iceland by Issac Yuen in Tiny Molecules

The water will by Jillian Clasky in Claw and blossom

A lake upon a lake by Benjamin Niespodziany in Claw and blossom

Black coral by Melissa Llanes Brownlee in Claw and blossom

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Taking flight by Megha Nayar in Potato Soup journal

Citrus boy by Grace Q. Song in MonkeyBicycle

A minimal supersymmetric standard model of the universe by Alan Michael Parker in Reflex

The performance by Ruby Bosanquet in Ellipsis zine

The complex art of matriarchal duplicity by Kathy Hoyle in Reflex

Darshan by Gitanjali Kolanad in Fictive dream

Pot roast by Alyson Mosquera Dutemple in OkayDonkey

Catalog of small things by Quinn Forlini in Milk Candy Review

Holy Ghost by Kim Magowan in Tiny Molecules

Fizzy by Erin Lyndal Martin in Tiny Molecules

A mostly northern direction by Anna O’Brien in Tiny Molecules

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

New Year celebrations at sea by Asha Krishna in the Flash Flood write in

Call her no one by Frances Ogamba in Craft Literary

Lost item report of a Chinese immigrant by Yunya Yang in the journal of compressed creative arts

Space-time by Stella Lei in Milk Candy review

Naming the darkness by Tommy Dean in MonkeyBicycle

Fol-de-rol by Rose Rae in Reflex

Naming rights by Jacqueline Feldman in Pithead Chapel

Small fingers by Eileen Frankel Tomarchio in Pithead Chapel

The reason he’s so late by Benjamin Woodard in Pithead Chapel

S to Z by Belinda Hermawan in Pithead Chapel

Elements of my Undoing by Kate Campbell in Tiny Molecules

At 5pm by David Calogero Centorbi in Tiny Molecules

Attraction by Deidre Danklin in Tiny Molecules

And even still the blues by Kate Finegan in Tiny Molecules

Anything under the moon by CarolJean Gavin in Tiny Molecules

World Book Day/International Women’s Day mash up

In celebration of World Book Day and International Women’s Day, here are some stories by fabulous women writers and the books they wrote:

The partitioning of dreams by Susmita Bhattacharya in Flashback Fiction and Table Manners from Dahlia books

Seascapes by C.G Menon at the Asian Writers prize and Subjunctive Moods from Dahlia books

Day of rest by Raven Leilani in The Cut and Luster from Pan Macmillan

I am the painters daughter by Kit de Waal in Bare Fiction and The Trick to Time from Penguin books

A Mrs Dalloway kind of day by Reshma Ruia in Lost Balloon and May we borrow your country from Linen Press

To the East of me is the West of you by Elaine Chiew in the llanot Review and The heartsick diaspora from Myriad editions

One milky window by Tara Isabel Zambrano in the Forge and Death, desire and other destinations from OkayDonkey

Small mercies by Karen Jones in Lost Balloon and When it’s not called making love from AdHoc fiction

Stone baby by Alison Woodhouse in the Flash Flood and The house on the corner from AdHoc fiction

Various things that crossed her mind by Barbara Byar in Ghost Parachute and Some days are better than ours from Reflex press

Black girl’s magic by DeMisty D. Bellinger in Cotton Xenomorph and Rubbing elbows from Finishing Line Press

For the bookshelf: Bestsellers in the age of Trump by Tara Campbell in Writers resist and Midnight at the organporium from Aqueduct press

Now that the circus has shut down, the Human Cannonball looks for work by Meghan Phillips in Wigleaf and Abstinence only from Barrelhouse

Butterfly kisses by Gaynor Jones in Spelk and Among these animals from Ellipsis

Bones by Jeanette Sheppard in Reflex and Seventy percent water from Ellipsis

The weather girls by Dahmnait Monaghan in Lunate Fiction and New girl in Little Cove from Harper Collins

A husband should be eaten and not heard by Meg Giddings in Split Lip and Lakewood from Harper Collins

Balm by Charmaine Wilkerson in Flashback Fiction and How to make a window snake from AdHoc fiction