Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Little ghost by Melissa Goodrich in The Forge

The woman who loved pets by Margaret McGoverne in Reflex

It’s okay to want by Ashley Jeffalone in Ellipsis

Love song in the key of something that almost happened by Alicia Bakewell in Reflex

A story about not going through the wardrobe by Kate Tooley in Pidgeonholes

Publication day and book launch details!

It’s publication day for Families and Other Natural Disasters! Out now from the fabulous Reflex Press

The book launch is a virtual tea party

3pm GMT, Saturday 14th Nov, on Zoom

Featuring readings from myself, Farhana Khalique , Sadie Nott with guest appearances by book cover earrings and a book cover cake from the talented Emily Randall

email me at coffeeandpaneeratgmaildotcom me if you and a cup of tea would like to attend

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

River body, body woman by Jenee Skinner in the Cincinnati review

Rules of the rats by Renee Agatep in Ellipsis

The kudzu eaters by Elizabeth Hart Bergstrom in Longleaf Review

The moon at noontime by Eileen Tomarchio in Longleaf Review

The space of continuous decline by Mary Grimm in Longleaf Review

Sometime in the middle of a long summer by Madeline Hanley in Milk Candy Review

Flight by Elle Michael River in Reflex

The female bartender you meet in a sports movie by Maddie Anthes in MonkeyBicycle

The reality star gets her start on a dating show by Kyra Kondis in OkayDonkey

Tracking Charlie by Atriya Ghosh in the Fiction Pool

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Burial suit by Hannah Lee in Storgy

A brief catalog of perfect women by Liz Breazeale in Kenyon Review

My husband’s second wife by Sara Schaff in Kenyon Review

One milky window by Tara Isabel Zambrano in Forge lit

Over the hills and far away by Sutton Strother in the Cabinet of Heed

Dale’s shoe emporium by Amy Barnes in the Cabinet of Heed

Get gone by Tania Hershman in Reflex


Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Context by Jose Hernandez Diaz in Lost Balloon

The harvest by Andrew Bertaina in Atticus Review

Cherry Coke and mint pulao by Anurag Andra in Necessary Fiction

Dear Miss Diamond Lace by Ry Adams in the Temz Review

The girl who cried by Ope Adedeji in the Temz Review

Dead weight by Raven Leilani in New England Review

Simple battery by Maria Thomas in New England Review

Post partum by Louise Rimmer in Reflex

How we coped with the giant robots by Anna Cabe in Gordon Square Review

The apocalypse in stages or Your First Kiss by Miranda Williams in Gordon Square Review

The machine room by Nathan Willis in Gordon Square Review

Eid Mubarak by Yasmine Rukia in Gordon Square Review

Forever 21 by Taylor Byas in Jellyfish Review

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

The marriage of the sea by Sharon Telfer in Reflex

Preservation by Emma Grillo in Atticus Review

Grandpa Cohen by Leonara Desar in NDR mag

Out on the isthmus by Jessica Lee Richardson in NDR mag

Surprise party by Laurel Shimasaki in NDR mag

Cab ride by Francine Witte in Milk Candy Review

Sitting in a cafe on a Monday morning by Kim Rooney in Jellyfish Review

Maze runner by James Yi in 100 word story

My mother is a plant by Tara Campbell in Lost Balloon

Eat me by Aisha Hassan in Barren Mag

Good screens by Bethany Marcel in Barren Mag

The teller by Emily Mani in Barren Mag

Up next: I dye my hair blond by Tea Franco in Barren Mag

Spent casings, littered sidewalk, yellow placard #3 by Steve Chang in Barren Mag

Husbandry by Patricia Q. Bidar in Barren Mag

Ink from ashes by Charles Ellis in Barren Mag

Heat by Alexa Dark in Barren Mag

Stinky tofu by Kristen Loesch in Barren Mag

Forget the dead by Sean Lusk in Reflex

Around the block by Kirsten Mosher in Ellipsis zine

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Yosemite by Michele Finn Johnson in 100 word story

She wants to kill your animal soul by Alyssa Proujansky in Adroit journal

Anastasia by Maura Pellettieri in Adroit journal

Transfiguration by Mina Hamedi in Adroit journal

Cascadia revisited by TL Ransome in Reflex

A world beyond cardboard by Jonathan Cardew in Atticus Review

Charlie by Asha Rajan in Ellipsis zine

The fairytale princess gets over a break-up by Ashley Burnett in Jellyfish Review

Pete Buttigieg and the ghost of Christmas Future by Justin Karcher in Variety Pack

Everest by Shannon Frost Greenstein in Variety Pack

The end of the marriage by Elodie Rose Barnes in Variety Pack

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Everything else is just exposition by Gauraa Shekhar in X-R-A-Y lit

Forgetting the cat by Louise Julig in Feed lit

Salty owl by Kristin Kozlowski in Cease, Cows

Learning to row by Sudha Balagopal in Lunate fiction

Charlie needs teeth out by KT Sparks in Jellyfish Review

Of photography and truth by Jason Jackson in Fractured lit

Small talk by Marcelle Heath in Fractured lit

Almost there by Pamela Painter in Fractured lit

Dark: Four micros by Tara Isabel Zambrano in Fractured lit

We smoke by Sarah Freligh in Fractured lit

What we hold in our belly by JJ Pena in Cutbank

Our little tradition by Stephen Hundley in Cutbank

The blue umbrella by Jieyan Wang in Cutbank

Home is where the hat is by Vineetha Mokkil in Lunate fiction monthly flash

When home is not a place but a feeling by Alison Woodhouse in Lunate fiction monthly flash

Mother tongue by Abimbola Alaba in Lunate fiction monthly flash

Inventory by Lydia Clark in Lunate fiction monthly flash