Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Choices by Anna Hundert in OkayDonkey

Three hitherto undocumented ghost recordings by Barclay Rafferty in Reflex

Termination point by Nathan Willis in Lost Balloon

Heart/ Beat/ Run by Joy Guo in Milk Candy Review

Nth state of matter by Jemimah Wei in Jellyfish Review

The Telling and Showing Ends in this Space, in this Place Where Bare-feet Pushed Back Against the Pebbles, and the Blueberries Always Remained Unbroken in the Pancake Batter by Exodus Oktavia Brownlow in Parentheses journal

Knock knock by Sonia Greenfield in Parentheses journal

Mom is a feathered animal by Mileva Anastasiadou in Parentheses journal

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

‘Dead writers desk’ by Christina Pan in Milk Candy Review

Cracked skin by Kimberley Rooney in Sledgehammer Lit

The astronaut by Lindy Biller in Cheap Pop

I am coin by Rosaleen Lynch in Ellipsis Zine

Soft bundles by Meghan Louise Wagner in OkayDonkey

Savior complex by Ashley Wang in Cheap Pop

Inheritance by Bwalya Mumba in Reflex

Sunday service by Jessica Katherine Andrews in Reflex

Cetacea by Erin Calabria in Lost Balloon

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that stayed with me this week:

My brother’s ex-wife’s swing has improved since the end of the world by Sarah M. Jasat in the Damnation

Men buying jewelry for their wives by Naira Wilson in Wigleaf

Clutching by Melanie Maggard in X-R-A-Y lit

An alternate theory regarding natural disasters as posited by the teenage girls of Clove County Kansas by Myna Chang in New Millennium Writings

Scheherazade tells the tale of the Northern shrike by Katie DePasquale in Milk Candy Review

The becoming of a nightshade woman by Mureall Hebert in Cease Cows

Hiraeth by Kathy Hoyle in Reflex

The parable of the good immigrant by Sally Badawi in Lost Balloon

You begin the end by Bix Gabriel in Pidgeonholes

Leviathan by Jasmine Sawers in The Forge

Fish, of all things by Marvin Shackelford in Threadcount

Still by Claire Hopple in Threadcount

Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Cleaning the bathroom and other chores you won’t do by Neeru Nagarajan in Cobalt Review

A statement from his wife by Jo Gatford in Pithead Chapel

Let me tell you a ghost story by Kayla Lightner in Pithead Chapel

Leaving Eden by Helen Gordon in Ellipsis zine

Those that collect their own remains by Shweta Ravi in Reflex

Stingrays in captivity by Diane D. Gillette in Lost Balloon

Olympus Mons by Sabrina Hicks in MonkeyBicycle

At the pop punk concert by Erin Schallmoser in Maudlin House

Linga-longa by Tracey Stanley in Reflex

Articulated body, mint complete by Paula Weiman in The Spectacle

Five entries from the imagined bestiary 50 beasts to break your heart by GennaRose Nethercott in The Spectacle