Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Winters by Marilyn Hope in Craft Literary

Of a whole body (passing through) by Tyler Barton in Necessary Fiction

August 1996 by Emily Costa in MoonPark Review

Truck makes man by John Meyers in MoonPark Review

There are things you can do when you know it’s too late by Mary Thompson in MoonPark Review

Synonyms for extraction by Sabrina Hicks in MoonPark Review

Avarana by Sabeena Akhtar in Visual Verse

Gall by F.E. Clark in Ellipsis zine

The Cougar Hill sex by Kate Garklavs in Matchbook lit

The charcoal maker  by Heather Bourbeau in the Citron Review

He died we left him til morning by Christopher Gaumer in the Citron Review

Swirling debris by Tisha-Marie Reichle-Aguilera in the Citron Review

The water is wide by Matthew Brennan in the Citron Review

I thought you were an anchor in the drift of the world by Sara Estes in the Citron Review

Deep waters by Victoria Miller in the Citron Review

Enfold by Tara Isabel Zambrano in the Citron Review



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