Against the grain in the Willesden Herald


Kavita should have been home 6 minutes and 30 seconds ago in Fictive dream



Inversion can feel like weightlessness published in the miCRo series at the Cincinnati Review

nominated for Best Microfictions 2022


How to stop evaporating published in Vast Chasm mag

nominated for Best Microfictions 2022

Pack animals reprinted by Bulb Culture


Hide and seek reprinted in the ‘Unspoken’ chapbook by Exeter publishing


In the house published by Roi Faineant Press

Lizards are the masters of regrowth published in West Trestle Review


I want I need reprinted by Spoonie Press


How to embed your legacy published by Fractured lit


Maybe it’s too late published by Café lit


Causality published by Heavy Feather Review



Things to do the week after you promised to change the smoke detector battery‘ published online by Stanchion, nominated for a Pushcart

Counterpoints published by Fragmented Voices


Looking at the stars reprinted by Fudoki magazine


Virmala Nagra’s hypotheses on marriage and motherhood, excerpt from ‘Families and other natural disasters’ reprinted by Malarkey Books

Terminal published in Voices Issue 3 by Untitled Writing


The correct thickness of onions published in Rewrite Reads Issue 2



0 degrees published in Gone Lawn Issue 39

Environmental disturbances published in Sinking City


Kokum published by Signal House editions


I want, I need published in Rabid Oak Issue 20


Mongoose published by (mac)ro(mic)


Plot points on the risk reward matrix published in Little Fiction


Bit Parts published in the Home/Work issue of The Ilanot Review


Evolutionary strategies published at Marias at Sampaguitas

Erosion published on Lunate fiction, made the Wigleaf Top 50 2021 list !

When to let go at the Salisbury Literary Festival website



Closed, fastened, secured published on Literary Orphans

The cream at the top of the milk published by Toasted Cheese

Turning into the wind published by Moria online

Titles of my autobiography I have discarded published on Ink, sweat and tears

Directional projections on the Reflex fiction longlist


Door jamb armour published in Necessary Fiction, made the Wigleaf Top 50 longlist


How to obey gravity published in issue 14 of Into the void, nominated for Best Microfictions 2020, made the BIFFY50 2019-20 list


Pink wine words‘ published in Tiny Molecules

Counting magpies‘ published in Third Point Press, nominated for Best Microfictions 2020

Divisions‘ published in the Historical Fiction edition of Flash Frontier


No doors‘ published on Potato Soup journal

‘A pilgrimage can be one-way‘ published in Bending Genres


The categorisation of emotions in the time of a housing crisis‘ reprinted in the Flash Flood

‘Tarantulas are slow but deliberate’ published on Flash Fiction net

The deadliest ones lie under the surface‘ published on Virtual Zine

Coverings published in The Citron Review


Rides, sideshows, etcetera, etcetera‘ published on MIR Online

Herds‘ published on Elephants Never, nominated for a Pushcart


Towards Balance‘ published in the ‘Love’ issue of Flash Frontier

Rocks on wheels‘ published in Hypnopomp

Because someone else dances‘ in Rhythm and Bones

Secrets and Trifles‘ published in issue 2 of Paper Trains

Underwear‘ published by Funny Pearls


All the ways‘ published in New Mag

If it pleases the court’ published in Wellington Street Review


Telling the bees‘ and ‘Waters are rising‘ published in Parentheses Journal

Luminosity‘ published by Twist in Time



Sideways‘ published by Nunum in Volume 1 Issue 4

‘Looking at the stars’ published in The Remembered Arts Journal

‘Pack animals’ published in Loss Lit Issue 9

The man in the yellow shirt‘ published in Gone Lawn Issue 31

A selection of essential k/nots‘ published by X-R-A-Y lit

Natural resources‘ published in OkayDonkey (nominated for Best Microfiction 2019)

A house should be a home‘ published by Ellipsis zine

Waltz of the flowers‘ published in Tales of the forest

Silent communications‘ republished by Constellate Lit

Various histories of sea serpents‘ published in JMWW, nominated for a Pushcart and Best of the Net, made the BIFFY 50 2018-19 list

‘The Milky Way ate the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy’ and ‘Two out of Three’ published by Five:2:One

Crazy in love’ published by Pixel Heart

After the relationship there is the Dissection‘ published in Terse

An analysis of the habits of the urban fox‘ published by Philosophical Idiot

Threatening rain‘ published in Barren mag

Let’s sing all the swear words we know‘ published in Lost Balloon, nominated for Best of the Net, included in Best Microfiction 2019

Crime and Punishment‘ published by Former Cactus mag

‘Swaddled’ and ‘The Mishra chin’ published in Five:2:One

She stands too long in front of the portrait‘ published by Paragraph Planet

Invisibility‘ published in Visual Verse

What actually gets you is the rising heat‘ published by Spelk

Breccia‘ published in Riggwelter Press Issue 12

Heart’s desires‘ published by Paragraph Planet

S/kin‘ published in Literary Orphans Issue 34: Rossalyn

‘Hide and Seek’ published in Mojave Heart

‘Tiger’s Breath’ republished in Crossways Issue 2

‘What’s left behind’ in The Drabblez Issue 2 

‘Turmeric and saffron’ published in Bangor Lit 

Half-and-half‘ published in Former Cactus mag

‘Paperwork’ published by Noble / Gas Qtrly

Frau Roentgen’s Left Hand‘ published by FlashBack Fiction, nominated for BIFFY 50 and Best of the Net,  included in Best Microfiction 2019  

A shaft of light‘ published in National Flash Fiction Day NZ 2018 Micro Madness

Tiger’s Breath‘ published in Dime Show Review

Recursion‘ published by Porridge

Night Mares‘ published by Burning House Press

Monochrome‘ published by O:JAL Arts

Clean/unclean‘ published in Visual Verse

The Brunswick Street Chronicle‘ published in The Cabinet of Heed Issue Seven Science Fiction Special

Bone Deep‘ published in Issue 12 of New Flash Fiction Review

Remembrance‘ published in Longleaf Review

Silent Communications‘ published by Dying Dahlia Review

Sunflower seeds and Supernatural beings‘ published by Willow Lit, honourable mention on The Best of British fantasy 2018 recommended reading list

Shifting‘ published by Paragraph Planet

Relatable Objects‘ republished by Porridge

Fragments‘ in Litro: Translating India

Precious‘ published in Former Cactus mag

Reflections‘ published by Litro

Losing touch‘ published in Anti-Heroin Chic

The Scarf‘ published in Riggwelter Press Issue 5

Station announcements‘ published by The Same

The Flying Boy‘ published in The Cabinet of Heed Issue Two

The edge of the wood‘ published by Moonchild Mag

The Life of Birds‘ , ‘History lessons’, ‘Representations’ published in Rigorous

Neural Plasticity‘ published in Dodging the Rain

Flip-flops‘ is the Word Factory Flash of Month in September 2017


’22 things that you never needed to know that are mostly about tea’ published  in the Nothing without us Too anthology from Renaissance Press

81 word story in the flash fiction anthology organised by Christopher Fielden and published by Victorina Press

‘Things to do the week after you promised to check the smoke detector battery‘ in Issue 6 of Stanchion Zine, nominated for a Pushcart

‘Bassline measurements’ in the ‘Where we find ourselves’ anthology from Arachne Press, nominated for a Pushcart

First chapter of my novella Green Chutney sandwiches published in the London Library Emerging writers anthology Vol 1

‘There are no winners on the carousel’ in The Secret Lives anthology from Sans Press

‘Rocks on wheels’ reprinted in Take a stand against hate anthology from Raven Chronicles

‘Ringlets’ in the Flash Fiction Festival Anthology 3

‘Window dressing’ in Lighthouse Issue 20

‘Ancestors’ in pacificREVIEW 2019 (Hallucination)

‘At 3am’ in ‘Luminous, defiant’ (Writer’s respond to hard times) from Listen softly

‘Frau Roentgen’s Left Hand’ and ‘Let’s sing all the sweat words we know’ reprinted in Best Microfiction 2019

‘Looking at the stars’ and ‘Nightmares’ reprinted in Insignia Stories 7

‘At the edge’ published by Inch from Bull City Press

‘The Girl who Drew Shadows’ published in The Selkie Transformation anthology

‘How not to mess up the seating plan at your wedding’ published by The Conium Review 

‘Fitting in’ published in The Brown Orient Issue Three 

‘Invisible Legacies’ published in The Brown Orient Issue Three 

‘Emotions in the time of a housing crisis’ published in the Flash fiction Festival anthology 2

‘How to cradle duck eggs while weaving through traffic’ published in Porridge issue 2 

‘Exterior-Interior’ published in Ellipsis zine Four: The Whisper Place 

‘Kishu’s 13th birthday meal plan’ published in Crack the Spine’s Routine anthology 

‘Undercurrents’ published in Open Pen Twennie Two 

‘Tiger’s breath’ published in Grindstone Literary Issue 1

‘Scrub Up’ published in The Brown Orient Issue One (nominated for Best of the Net)

‘White Lies’ Highly commended in the Microfiction competetion, published in the 2018 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 

‘Fragments’ published in Litro: Translating India

‘Damage, Cosmetic Only’ published in A Wink and a Smile Anthology 

‘Relatable Objects’ published in Haverthorn 3.2 


10QA on DesiBooks as part of the ‘Where we find ourselves’ blog tour

‘What really gets you is the rising heat‘ on YouTube as part of An evening of Women’s Flash Fiction Readings for South Asian Heritage Month

‘Let’s sing all the swear words we know’ featured on A Personal Anthology blog, chosen by Sarah Salway

‘Let’s sing all the swear words we know’ featured in a Kathy Fish newsletter!

Home made food is made with love‘ on You Tube as part of the National Flash Fiction Day 2020 Anthology virtual launch

‘When to let go’ won the Salisbury Story prize 2019

‘Coverings shortlisted for WHQ Flash Quarterly Comp 2019

‘A New Life’ Ad Hoc fiction winner

Selected stories featured on Mr Bears Violet Hour Saloon :Luminosity, (published in Twist in Time mag),  Telling the Bees (published in Parentheses Journal), A selection of essential k(nots) (published in X-Ray lit), Representations (published in Rigorous),  Waltz of the flowers (published in Tales of the forest), How to cradle duck eggs while weaving through traffic (published in Porridge issue 2 ), Waters are rising (published in Parentheses Journal)

The way Saturn tastes’ Runner up in Headway Lit contest 

‘Virmala Nagra’s hypotheses about marriage and motherhood Bronze Creative Futures Literary Award winner 

‘It’s just a walk in the park’ Highly commended in the 2018 City of Stories event 

‘Wildcard’ Legend Press Flash Fiction monthly winner

‘The Bombay Flying Club’ second place in the 2017 Dragonfly Tea Short Story competition 

‘Some family recipes are not written down’ Highly commended in the 2017 City of Stories event 

‘Tarantulas are slow but deliberate’ short-listed in the London Short Story Prize 2016


Questions about Pack animals‘ published in the ‘BCC shines a light on series’ at the Bulb Collective

Interview at Desi Reads website about Families and other natural disasters

Feature about the ‘Becoming a writer’ course on the Asian Writers website

Interview at New Flash Fiction Review

Author spotlight on the Insignia series blog

Interview: Flashback Fiction editors at Flash Frontier

Quickfire Q and A at The Selkie

All about Flashback Fiction at the Flash Fiction Festival website

My writing day at the My (small press) writing day blog

Backstory: Five Questions at FlashBack Fiction 

An interview about ‘Relatable Objects’ and other things on The Other Stories podcast