Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Miss Princott’s time travel agency‘ by Barbara Russell in Twist in Time

Baggage‘ by Leslie Burton-Lopez in Twist in Time

There is No Grass in Rangihoua Bay by Heather McQuillan in Flash Frontier

None of them say you by Kathy Hoyle in Lunate fiction

The green bridge by Cathy Mellett in Atlas and Alice

How to eat a plum by Alice Franklin in Reflex

Snow day by Gaurav Madan in Jaggery Lit

Invisible Women Suck Cherries by Anita MacCallum in Ellipsis

Shoot me now by Marissa Glover in After the pause

Data correction by Vicky Sharples in After the pause

Easters by Kika Dorsey in After the pause

My girlfriend is now a ghost and she lives in the Charlottesville Kroger‘ by Grace Alvino in After the pause




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