Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

How to take a vacation: a guide for medieval women by Maria Poulatha in OkayDonkey

In which I sell my fingerprints by Noa Cova in Passages North

Tissue paper whispers by Ali McGrane in Ellipsis Zine

The de facto mother by Yasmina Din Madden in the Oxford Flash Fiction prize

The doctor says roots are growing around her heart by Yunya Yang in Passages North

Evidence in support of my capacity by Barbara Lock in X-R-A-Y lit

In the name of love by Ashley Hajimirsadeghi in Trampset

Rooftops by Amy Lyons in SVJlit

Nothing could be worse than dripping taco sauce on her brand-new wool sweater by Adrienne Marie Barrios in mac(ro)mic

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