Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

The magic of spices by Sudha Balagopal in Cheap Pop

The fabric of memory by Sarah Dobbie in Ellipsis

Six youthful encounters with death by Julie Chen in Cheap Pop

The maintenance of radiators by Paul Thompson in Reflex

Medb by Sarah Jones in Reflex

Mornings always made us better by Stephanie Austin in Bridge Eight

The secret life of Annie B by Teresa Tennyson in Sundial Magazine

Shy, solitary animals by Kristin Bonilla in Cease Cows

Fairest by Star Su in Lost Balloon

Bride, knife, flaming horse by M.L. Krishnan in Apparition Lit

Curriculum by Alicia Rebeca Myers in Threadcount

Tumbler by Luke Wortley in Threadcount

Hatchling by Lucy Zhang in Threadcount

Mother love by Deirdre Danklin in Cease Cows

Horse people by Rebecca Field in Ellipsis

Casey who exorcises people by Eric Rasmussen in OkayDonkey

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