Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

The upside-down bird by Ismim Putera in Fudoki magazine

The curse on Nyopedi by Edith Knight Magak in Fudoki magazine

Lightning’s kiss by Maura Yzmore in Fudoki magazine

Bitter hot chocolate by Sudha Balagopal in MonkeyBicycle

Adapted from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s Definitions of ‘Rock’” by Audrey Bauman in Craft literary

Sylpha by Juliana Lamy in Pidgeonholes

Six ways to start to start something, and five to end it by Rachel O’Cleary in Ellipsis zine

Speed Dating by Anna Lindwasser in mac (ro)mic

Recovery options by Natalie Leif in Reflex

At the movies by Bill Merklee in Cheap Pop

Big eyes by Janelle Bassett in Atticus Review

Your life as a bottle by Sarah Freligh in Pithead Chapel

Swindled by Joy Guo in Pithead Chapel

Dinner by Xueyi Zhou in Pithead Chapel

In the long grass by H.C Gildfind in Longleaf Review

Sugarloaf by Artemis Lin in Longleaf Review

The Florida museum of natural history by Aleksia Mira Silverman in Longleaf Review

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