Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

New Year celebrations at sea by Asha Krishna in the Flash Flood write in

Call her no one by Frances Ogamba in Craft Literary

Lost item report of a Chinese immigrant by Yunya Yang in the journal of compressed creative arts

Space-time by Stella Lei in Milk Candy review

Naming the darkness by Tommy Dean in MonkeyBicycle

Fol-de-rol by Rose Rae in Reflex

Naming rights by Jacqueline Feldman in Pithead Chapel

Small fingers by Eileen Frankel Tomarchio in Pithead Chapel

The reason he’s so late by Benjamin Woodard in Pithead Chapel

S to Z by Belinda Hermawan in Pithead Chapel

Elements of my Undoing by Kate Campbell in Tiny Molecules

At 5pm by David Calogero Centorbi in Tiny Molecules

Attraction by Deidre Danklin in Tiny Molecules

And even still the blues by Kate Finegan in Tiny Molecules

Anything under the moon by CarolJean Gavin in Tiny Molecules

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