Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Dunhuang, in the summer by Jiaqi Kang in X-R-A-Y lit

Recall by Sara Crowley in Bull

You’re still you by Anna Vangala Jones in OkayDonkey

There are a thousand ways to love a snake but only way one to kill it by Shreya Vikram in Smokelong Quarterly

Things you can take by Corey Miller in 100 word story

Scrolling Facebook memes waiting for the paediatrician by Elisabeth Ingram-Wallace in the Forge

Ellie makes her own kind of music by Jess Moody in Ellipsis Zine

Girl and her hair by Tiffany Hsieh in Pidgeonholes

Variations on food and grief by Halim Madi in Lunate

She took to lighting fires by Marianne Worthington in Cheap Pop

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