Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Erasure by Sakinah Hofler in Kenyon Review

Boxing day by Rion Amilcar Scott in Catapult

Beirut, I love you by Maria Sakr in FlashFlood

In Mother’s arms by Bethan Hay in FlashFlood

Better bleach by Andrea Jefferson in Trampest

Mimicha by Marwa Belghazi in Litro

Lean on, Mother by Tara Isabel Zambrano in Booth

The car tag kids by Jennifer Todhunter in Hobart pulp

Beehive by Karen Gonzalez-Videla in Ghost Parachute

Isla and the dragonfly by Eleri Denham in Ghost Parachute

Hester’s Mom by MFC Feeley in Ghost Parachute

Seven steps to reunite with your children when General Mutafchiiski says to stay home by Koji A. Dae in Jellyfish Review

Inventing words by Jessica Evans in Ellipsis

You don’t know what’s important yet by Meghan Phillips in Lost Balloon

Famous driver by Abby Walthausen in Pithead Chapel

New ground by Pique Allens in Reflex

Breath play by Sacha Bissonnette in Cease Cows

Ladybird, ladybird by DeMisty Bellinger in OkayDonkey

Scurry  by Vanessa Chan in X-R-A-Y lit

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