Flash Fiction Day special

Thanks to K.B Carle for the idea,  this is a National Flash Fiction Day and #ReadMoreBlackWriters Special Edition

The Referee by Ashley Hickson-Lovence in Visual Verse

Matches by Brianna McNish in Cotton Xenomorph

What happens on Sundays  by Ope Adedeji in Barren

Barber  by Rosette Evans in Random Sample Review

Wind Chill by Rosey Lee in Wellington Street Review

Be conscious of form by Myliyah Hanna in Cheap Pop

When it Gets Cold in The South, Your Mama Calls to Mama You by Exodus Oktavia Brownlow in Parentheses Journal

Three arms by Monet Patrice Thomas in Joyland

Silent breakdown by Monica Balt in Funny Pearls

Where the palm nut grows by Hannah Onuguwe in Timeworn Lit

Bite by Charmaine Wilkerson in Litro

Phantasia by Barbara Diggs in Honey and Lime lit

Target by Brianne Allen in Forge

A lost day by DeMisty D. Bellinger in Barren Magazine

Tree people by Frances Ogamba in Rewrite reads

The thick of it by Sacha Bissonette in Smokelong

When someone cuts the tulips from my front yard in the middle of the night by Christine Taylor in Lost Balloon

Hello, my name is Marley by K.B Carle in Craft literary

To trap a hummingbird by Clementine E. Burnley in Barren mag

Of hours so unsure by Jerry Chiemeke in Moonchild mag

To face ourselves by Claudia Wair in Writers Resist

For the bookshelf: Bestsellers in the age of Trump by Tara Campbell in Writers Resist

How to make love to a physicist by Deesha Philyaw in Barrelhouse

The children and the leg found in June by Meg Giddings in South East Review

Smoothies by Venita Blackburn in Split Lip

Of Chinwoke by Adachioma Ezeano in Flashback Fiction

Once upon a time in Philadelphia by Tia Ja’Nae in Flashback Fiction




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