Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

For the bookshelf: Bestsellers in the age of Trump by Tara Campbell in Writers Resist

How to make your own sunshine by Deborah Torr in Reflex

A basic skincare routine for the end of the world by Ellen Rhudy in MonkeyBicycle

A person’s essence feels the smallest by Jennifer Wortman in Wigleaf

I have entered my garden, my sweetheart, my bride by Jen Julian in Wigleaf

We don’t live there any more by Maya Chesley in Wigleaf

How I learned about evolution by Michelle Ross in OkayDonkey

As it is in heaven by Meagan Johanson in Reflex

The things we do for love by Avra Margariti  in Longleaf Review

Did the water by Erin Calabria in Longleaf Review

A word commonly used in awkward social situations by Jules Archer in Tiny Molecules

For every thing, a season by Dan Brotzel in Tiny Molecules

The switch by Dan A. Cardoza in Tiny Molecules

Egg and pepper by Diane D. Gillette in Tiny Molecules

Pumpkin seed by S. Craig Renfroe Jr in Tiny Molecules

That man is a force of nature by EC Sorenson in Tiny Molecules

What we bury by Maddie Anthes in Barren mag

Sometimes a guardrail is missing by Melissa Bowers in Barren mag

Toast by Rick White in Barren mag

Scarab by Mary-Jane Holmes in Barren mag

Not yet by Kate Maruyama in Barren mag

Ballad by Steve Passey in Barren mag

The nature of her love by Alice Lam in Barren mag

Babies, because by Sarah Freligh in Spelk

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