Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Seagulls and other strange birds by Sara Dobbie in Crab Fat Magazine

Chasing Moonbows by Farhana Khalique in Reflex

The march by Meagan Jennett in Honey and Lime lit

Noise by Kimaya Kulkarni in Honey and Lime lit

Fool’s gold by Kathryn van Beek in Cease Cows

Neighbors by Erinrose Mager in Wigleaf

Stones are heaviest when swallowed by Jen Julian in OkayDonkey

Pulp in my hand by Holly Pelesky in Moonchild mag

Shock therapy by Diana Cejas in Moonchild mag

Decade’s migration by Andrea Lambert in Moonchild mag

Of hours so unsure by Jerry Chiemeke in Moonchild mag

08/12, Perseids by Fleur in Moonchild mag

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