Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Marks by Monica Dickson in X-R-A-Y lit

Some consolation by Aileen O’Farrell in Reflex

The first man on the moon by Rosie Garland in Lunate fiction

The things we’ll remember by Nick Olson in Maudlin House

A lustrous interior by Tara Isabel Zambrano in Spartan lit

Fender, Caddy, Finn, Fender by Christopher Murphy in Spartan lit

Alice in Voreland by Lauren Friedlander in OkayDonkey

Welcome to my gallery of genuine lookalikes by Anne McGouran in Cleaver mag

Redux by Kim Magowan in Cleaver mag

Bellcastle Street by Anna Oberg in Cleaver mag

Bringing dead friends into conversation by Corey Miller in Cleaver mag

The art of making angels by Marilee Dahlman in Cleaver mag


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