Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Between the belly button and the womb by Elaine Chiew in Fictive Dream

Rocks along the bottom by Meg Tuite in Ghost Parachute

Butter chicken by Dot in Bandit Fiction

Last night I saved a moth from drowning by Elaine Mead in Star82review

Faceless lover by Natsumi Tanaka in Star82review

Still dogwood by Carmen Gordon-Rein in star82review

Supergiant by Kendra Fortmeyer in Paper Darts

Where did all the older women by Meg Pillow in Waxwing

Waiting by Shannon Mcleod in Waxwing

A thing I could not recognise by Ry Molloy in Waxwing

Mary Grace never happened by Sharon Mitchell in Lucent dreaming

Two hairdressers by Alexis Wolfe in Lucent dreaming

Sunday morning by Sarah Evans in Lucent dreaming



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