Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

Day One of an adoption preparation course by Danny Beusch in Spelk

Beige by Lorna Easterbrook in Reflex

Time will say nothing but I told you so by Alison Woodhouse in Adhoc

Exit a goddess by Neeru Nagarajan in Forge lit

Let’s never leave by Jan Stinchomb in Hobart pulp

Counting spiders by Amy Slack in Honey and Lime lit

Patience. Courage. Strength. by Christina Rosso in Honey and Lime lit

Phantasia by Barbara Diggs in Honey and Lime lit

Spaced on average an inch apart by Julia Dixon Evans in Pidgeonholes

But the Gods have eternity by Ciaran O Griofa in Cabinet of Heed

A passing caprice by Rekha Valliappan in Cabinet of Heed

Grounded by Lisa Kenway in Cabinet of Heed

How to find the perfect rock by Jennifer L. Hollis in Jellyfish Review

As she left the earth by Joaquin Fernandez in Bending Genres

Building an avatar during the apocalypse by Lucy Zhang in Bending Genres

Driving to endanger by Kathryn Kulpa in Bending Genres

Please, more by Melissa Maney in Bending Genres


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