Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week:

The puncture by Lauren Collett in Reflex

Trees like a way out by  Jennifer Fliss in OkayDonkey

Roja by Yashasvi Arunkumar in 805 lit

The woman in the sky by Virginia Petrucci in 805 lit

De-parted by Lubna Umar in Bangalore Review

Wingman by Tanya Whiton in Cutbank online

Cut on the bias by Maureen Langloss in Pank

If the rainbow exploded by Shannon Waite in Pank

The shape-shifting hawthorn tree by Chris Wright in Wellington Street Review

The little train of the Somme by Brenda Donoghue in Wellington Street Review

What if all the oceans by Christopher Allen in Gone Lawn

Some things I saw while picking up my wife from therapy by Steven Genise in Gone Lawn

The Ouija board by Diana Valenzuela in Gone Lawn

Seven stories of my life by Jieyan Wang in Gone lawn





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