Short Story Sunday

These are the stories that have stayed with me this week (this week’s list is accidentally epic):

What gets left behind by Anika Carpenter in Reflex

Be conscious of form‘ by Myliyah Hanna in Cheap Pop

Waking up late by Jacqueline Doyle in Ellipsis Zine

What were you even looking at, Robert? by Steve Edwards in Wigleaf

The right light by Janelle Bassett in OkayDonkey

Hunger by Cheryl Pappas in Atlas and Alice

Buddy by Mary Grimm in Ghost Parachute

Ukulele rules by Richard Bower in Ghost Parachute

That motherfucking light’ by Maria Alejandra Barrios in Lost Balloon

Tides‘ by Alexandra Loeb in Cleaning up glitter

Cold feet by Elena Ender in Cleaning up glitter

Anne who isn’t Doreen‘ by Holly Pelesky in JMWW







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